Company Overview

About Jay Pharma

Development Approach

Jay Pharma’s product development approach is intended to best serve the needs of patients, physicians, regulators, and payors in high-value market segments where an evidence-based approach to care is mandated.

Jay Pharma seeks to use to cancer patient data to guide treatment planning and product development efforts.

*Marijuana Business Factbook; figures illustrative only.

Enabling Partnership with Tikun Olam

Jay Pharma has identified and is advancing compelling new growth opportunities within the cannabis sector together with our partner institutions. We believe our partners have the potential to accelerate pharmaceutical development efforts, market entry, data collection, and analysis.

Jay Pharma plans to leverage proprietary products developed by our partner Tikun Olam, the leading supplier of medical cannabis in Israel, and one of the leading, research-focused medical cannabis companies globally. Tikun Olam employs evidence-based medicine and other best practices and its products, which include Avidekel™, Midnight™, and Erez™, have been studied in numerous medical trials. Tikun Olam patient databases include 12,000+ persons treated across a variety of conditions, with a primary focus on cancer care.

Avidekel is a proprietary strain of cannabis that is high in CBD and low in THC; Avidekel was developed by Tikun Olam and licensed to Jay Pharma for pharmaceutical and OTC use in cancer indications.