About Avidekel

Avidekel is a proprietary, indica-dominant strain of cannabis that is high in CBD and low in THC. Marketed by Tikun Olam in Israel, and by MedReleaf in Canada, Avidekel has been widely used and studied in a medical cannabis setting. Thousands of patients have been administered Avidekel and it is widely believed to be safe and well tolerated.

Avidekel was licensed to Jay Pharma for pharmaceutical and over-the-counter use in cancer indications outside of Israel. Jay Pharma plans to use data collected from patients who are using, or have used, Avidekel to guide future surveillance studies and/or clinical development efforts.

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Avidekel in the Media

“In a new study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, researchers from Tikun Olam, the largest medical marijuana provider in Israel, investigated the efficacy of cannabis for cancer patients. What they found was that, at least for cancer patients, marijuana could help stop opioid dependency before it starts.”

“CBD is a rapidly rising star for its capacity to deliver mental and physical benefits without the giggles, paranoia, or couch-lock… Chris Kelly, a representative of Tikun Olam, an Israeli company at the forefront of medical marijuana, calls Avidekel – his employer’s highest-CBD strain – the ‘golden child’ of its offerings.”

“The cannabis oil, extracted from a strain of cannabis called Avidekel, was developed in northern Israel by one of the country’s largest cannabis growers, Tikun Olam. The oil is high in cannabidiol, the pharmacological ingredient in cannabis that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.”